Ingredients: - 1 medium sized mackerel fish, wash clean and cover with water, lime and salt (let sit for 15 minutes then wash thoroughly) - Green and red rawit to taste
Ground spices: - 5 red onions - 3 cloves of garlic - 1 galangal segment - 1/2 turmeric segment - 2 lemongrass stalks - 10 curly red chilies - 5 coriander seeds - 1 tbsp shrimp paste - 5 lime leaves - 3 bay leaves - 1 tablespoon tamarind dissolved in water - Salt, sugar, mushroom seasoning to taste - Enough water
How to cook: 1. Saute the ground bay leaf and orange spices until fragrant, add the petai, green bird's eye chilies, stir fry then add the sour water, salt, sugar to taste and enough water. 2. Wait for it to boil, add the fish, test the taste, if it tastes sour, sweet and spicy, turn off the heat and serve.

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