1/2kg wheat flour An egg 1 large onion (minced) Yellow dye 2 sliced holland onions Chives Bean sprouts Shrimp Salt Sugar A little bicarbonate of soda Water
How to do this -Blend a large onion - put wheat flour in the container - add the onions that have been blended, one egg, water, salt, sugar, bicarbonate of soda...stir the mixture. Put some water, don't make it very thick.. Don't make it very liquid. - add chives, bean sprouts, sliced hollandaise onions, and sliced large chilies.. - how to fry it in a round shape.. Dip an iron spoon into the oil.. Place the mixture.. Put the shrimp on it.. Put it in the oil... Let it cook until the bottom is cooked.. Then it will come off by itself. .
Peanut sauce recipe without coconut milk A handful of dried chilies 2 large onions 7 garlic cloves Ginger Lemongrass Beyond Belacan (All the above ingredients are finely ground) Roasted and dry blended peanuts.. Tamarind Melaka sugar
How to do this 1) stir-fry the blended ingredients.. 2) when it's dry, add groundnuts that have been roasted and blended finely.. 3) add tamarind water 4) add some water.. Sugar and salt. You can also put melaka sugar... 5) let the oil rise.. If you want it to thicken, add a mixture of corn flour.. To thicken the sauce. Using a deep fryer like this is easy, you guys.. the price is not expensive

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